We See Jesus Cover2Cover


Let's read the Bible together! If we want to be Jesus people, we must be Bible people.

God's Word is ALIVE! It is quick and powerful, it transforms our minds, renews our soul, and contains within its pages the greatest hope of all - JESUS!

Jesus is the very essence of the Scriptures. The Old Testament points to Him and the New Testament reveals Him. If we look for Him, we will find Him on every page and in every story. After all, He is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). There are over 350 prophecies, types, and shadows of Christ in the Old Testament. As we approach His Word looking for Him, we find purpose in the Old Testament sacrifices; pictures of our Savior in the rejection and heartache of Joseph; a future hope pointing directly to Christ in the sweet love story of Ruth and Boaz; and meaning to even the deepest sorrows in Job. Truly, Jesus Christ is at the very center of the Bible and it is all about Him.

Whether you are looking for a short, but in-depth Bible Study, a Thru the Bible Reading Plan, or a video message - we hope we can help and your eyes will be turned upon Jesus as you dig into His Word.

Let's Read the Bible Together

Reading thru the Bible and seeing Jesus on every page!

Let's Listen and Watch Together

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Let's Study Together

Free downloadable Bible studies - ALL pointing to JESUS.

Let's Get Together

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